Our Story

Mojo's Donuts and Ice Cream has been a labor of love for brothers Stephen and Patrick Modjeski. Their tremendous fondness for ice cream has had them looking all over the Northwest and beyond in search of amazing ice cream. They grew up in the restaurant business, which means that they are not easily impressed! The drawback to all this ice cream eating (no, not the calories) was that their wives don't LOVE ice cream like they do and craved a little diversity in their desserts. Thus, the winning combination of donuts and ice cream was hatched, and everyone involved enjoyed the sampling experience.

The name Mojo is a derivative of their last name. As you can imagine, the name Modjeski was a little intimidating for teachers to sound out, and it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue for coaches and teammates either. Thus, Stephen and Patrick were both known as Mojo at school and on the field, and the nickname carried over to their children as well.

In 2017, the brothers began their market research in earnest and traveled across the country when needed to try excellent donuts or ice cream. It was a small sacrifice to make to ensure they would be providing Idaho with products that would meet their very high standards. So, Mojo's is the result of two brothers’ deep devotion to high-quality donuts and ice cream. They hope you enjoy it as much as they do!